Design generations

I thought it would be a really cool topic to put out there on how many of us have designers in our family that the talents and thoughts that were passed down and caused you to be a designer yourselves. I have to admit that my father is an accountant and my mother was an executive assistant but my grand father could build anything with his hands. This was a bit of a struggle when it came time for me to explain to my dad what ID was when I decided to go off to college.Now I am a designer and my sister is an art teacher. A bit weird if you ask me.

No designers in the family but a lot of musicians!

My family could not understand why I wasn’t going to be an engineer. No Designers in my family. A high school art teacher told me about design.

Was born left-handed, so I had no choice but to be different. Was always an artist so the design aspect just came along.

As for family members, none.

Dad is an accountant of some sort, mom is a grade school teacher. Mom however has always been creative, painting, sculpting etc, but no other creatives in that sense in earlier family generations.

However, both totally understood and supported my choice of studies.

(Sister went in to lawschool, brother sailing professional and coach, and me in ID. So quite a broad spectrum of work.)

Sounds exactly like my situation. My Dad used to be an engineer (now sales/marketing… go figure), and my mom was basically a professional secretary. No one really had any creative talents outside of music. Of course I did also get a great set of analytical skills, which helps me immensely,

Mom is a teacher, dad is an electrical engineer turned lawn and tree care entrepreneur. There have been a lot of teachers in the family, then my sister, my cousin, and I all went into different areas of art and design in college. Mom’s side had always done crafts of various types and my mom attributed our artistic talents to her mother, and then she discovered that her father’s cousin was Bill Blass leading to most of our family passing around a biography for a couple of years … hasn’t made it my way yet.

Wow!! 6 replies and not one of us have other generations that were designers. I figured there would be at least one that came out and said, “My Dad or Mom was a Graphic Designer.” or “My Dad was an Architect”. Anyone out there with kids that have taken an interest in what we do? I do not have kids myself but I can imagine it would be a pretty intriguing career for them.

My father and mom are both architects, so in my childhood, they drove me to art school to learn art stuff,
and sometimes brought me to gallery,
Now i am a designer and also a general affair director at a patent office in BJ,
Doing design is just an one part of my work, most of my working hours are paid to office’s general affairs.
So Can I say this is also a design work?
How do you guys thinking about my current position-wearing two hats?

My dad is an artist and was a successful interior designer and mobile home designer. Everyone thought it made a lot of sense for me to go into ID, which looking back, is highly unusual.

No designers in my family, although my grandad was a huge influence when i was a kid. He always encouraged me to make things with old cardboard boxes, and he always made models with lollipop sticks etc. He’s probably the only one in my family that understands what i do.

My high school teacher was also a big influence in my decision to study design at university.

my grandfather on my mom’s side was an electrician but a complusive tinkerer and model train enthusiast. he had hand built the most incredible “G” scale train set and also had some of the best, oddball custom A/V setups throughout his home. My mom went to fashion design school, but ended up being a secretary for my dad, who is an architectural illustrator and fine artist. a couple of aunts on both sides are artists. My dad’s dad was a carpenter. my brother is a carpenter and also makes his own choppers and other automotive stuff. it makes sense to me that there would be some lineage behind most designers but it seems really cool that alot of people are sort of “first generation” designers and artists. Maybe it has to just do with the generation and importance of design. my parents were baby boomers, so im sure there weren’t as many, even in terms of percentage, of the workforce that would be considered or even have known about “design” as a profession.

My grandfather did some civil engineering work early in his career and later became a doctor. My dad is a doctor as well. My brother is an architect, and I’m an industrial designer. At the time, my brother influenced me the most when deciding whether to become an animator, graphic designer, or an industrial designer.

On another note, once I came to the realization that every physical object is made by some company out there, I became curious of how they are made, and how to become someone who is responsible of making it happen. And then I read about this famous designer who wants to change the world and he just so happened to have graduated from a university at a nearby city. I decided to give that university a try, and that was how my journey started.

My dad was a Chemical Engineer, my mum a PA. My sister became a doctor and my brother an IT consultant! No design influence from them, though my dad is a pretty good handyman so I was taught that I could fix most things myself if I put my mind to it… I guess that led to an intrigue about how things work which later became a fascination with solving problems with the way existing products worked. My family still don’t really have a clue about what I do, but at least I can enjoy being the odd one out!