Design from the GRID

Design from the NVIDIA GRID, that is.

What are the thoughts out there on moving the computing horsepower to a server solution? Is the cost savings on individual workstations and dedicated software licenses worth the investment in a server?

This GRID thing is interesting; I guess it’s an answer for people who want their cloud data in the building?

My company, Lagoa, moved rendering into the cloud, and I personally have really started to enjoy it; throwing off ten background renders while I go about other things on my desktop is awesome. It’s nice to set off those renders and then say, go play Battlefield 4 or something without a slowdown (when I’m working on my own time, naturally :wink: ).

The cost savings are nice; I can make great renders at the office without having to invest in an awesome laptop, as well. So I suppose that’s a positive thing - and employees can work using their own laptops if they choose to, rather than having to have the company buy them super-powered ones.

So yea, this is an interesting idea, I think.