design for war

what do you think about ghost reckon 2 for xbox, being designed for american kids to hate north koreans already, so it will be easier in time to do the job?

I never thought of it that way. But I thought it was designed by a french team?

Interesting perspective. But that brings the question of first-person-shooter games into the issue. Why use violence as personal entertainment at all. Some people come to believe violent games trigger incident like that of Columbine shooting. If you insunate games are being used as to condition young minds, then obviously there’s major problem.

Ohuhhh, ohuhhh, we frenchy’s are so good at getting people to hate Americans because we are so jealous of you. It really bothers us that French has taken a second seat to English as the international language because of the US’s power and influence. We will get back at you sweet smelling, regular showering peoples (in a dirty, weasel-like manner).

We got the world against you going to Iraq why the whole time we were waiting to line our pockets from the money that Uncle Saddam owed us from illegal weapons sales and now we’ll make you look bad with video games. Next up will be mass export and advertising of g-strings for men!

^Proof the term “PEA BRAIN” was based on the medical research of intellectually-challenged primates.

I design simulators for militaries all over the world. The game you mentioned and others of their ilk are usually more racist and bloody than what the military uses. Unfortunately the consumer is being fed more hatred and gore than the military. Or maybe is that a good thing :slight_smile:


LOL, so true

This is the wish list by a National Guard employee of my company currently serving in Iraq.
I thought it was interesting, particularly the body armour and their choices in Playstation games…

"Remember this is a wish list and you are under no obligation at all to provide it. It should give you an idea of what we are needing from a MWR (moral, welfare and recreation) standpoint for yours truly . I would like to request one or two Under Armour, army brown, XL, mock turtleneck, cold gear T-shirts and a Tempur-Pedic pillow or some equivalent, size regular.

For the team, I would like to request maybe two PS2 units and some games to go with it. Some requests have been: Halo, Call of Duty, Metal of Honor and Full Spectrum Warrior (see a theme here?) A good football and or baseball and a couple of gloves. As far as food items, since we are far away from any base or camp, we would like things like Chef B Ravioli, Chips and Pace or Herdez salsa, girl scout cookies and a candy called Sour Patch Kids. We have TV here but only a few english speaking channels. Movies and games and the internet are how we often entertain ourselves. "