Design for Marketing

Dear all,

I am a Marketing PhD student who is deeply interested in design. My supervisor suggested me to look for a job in design area, if possible. Is there any one out there who knows how academic job market goes at design schools or design-related business schools? If you have any idea about who in which school will be good for me to contact, that would be greatly appreciated, too.

Im sure youre actually not the first.

did you think about design research? there are people who just do research and present their findings. You may want to look for large, well established consultancies that everyone would probably want to work for, or very large successful corporations, also that everyone wants to work for. They would probably have the money to hire someone to just do research and not design work.

design schools generally want you to have worked for at least a little while.

I basically have no work experience and have been training as a researcher, as you said.

Is there any design school or design program of business school that might have any interest in the job candidate like me?

there’s lots of schools that’d be more than happy to have your tuition.
The problem is your extremely over-qualified to take any entry level design job. And everyone starts at the bottom.

Your going to need a very good answer for leaving an academic career path.
Your going to have to demonstrate real passion for design.

The best options for you would be Stanford, IIT, PRATT, RCA

You might be able to offer more of your skills on a freelance level first.

Using your knowledge you could show that you offer a special skill set that many designers don’t have/use.

I use market research in presentations in which everyone in my company utilizes as well as who we are selling to. Its a wonderful tool to have.