Design for Kicksguide....

OK, this is for the create your own brand contest.

Comments/questions are appreciated.
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Just trying a few things…[/img][/url]

woah i actually really like that design. If I were you I would add on some color and shading, then i’d really like them. oh Yeah, resize it to 800 x 600.

What is the brand about?

Does it only make Basketball shoes?

What types of stores would this new brand sell through and to who?

Would they advertise or endorse athletes or entertainers to get their message out?

Thanks for the feedback!!
It is a line of shoes developed around stars and planets. Here is what I was going for, sort of a Flight/Force theme. The “stars” shoes would be for guards/sm. forwards and the “planet” shoes would be for power forwards/centers. To start out there would be approx. 8 shoes in each line. Each year the shoes would have the same names and just add on a number (a la Jordan). Main elements of the shoe would be similar from year to year so that if you like a particular shoe you can stick with that through the years. The “star” shoes would get their names from Constellations and they would be released according to when the constellation is visiable. For example, the “Orion” would be out in the winter since it is a winter constellation. It would go through general distribution (Foot Locker, Foot Action, etc.). As for how to get the word out, I would go with a style that Under Armour used and come up with an “attitude” commercial not necessarily using high profile atheletes to buiild brand recognition. The company wouldn’t initially use entertainers to promote goods, they might offer free goods, but no endorsement deals would be allowed. Pretty much if the celebrity liked it they could wear it but we wouldn’t want to “force” them to.

no endorsements in professional basketball? thats a recipe for failure. just messing … kind of
cool concept though i really like where you are going with this cant wait to see more

Here is one color set-up and one with shading. Not sure how the one with shading came out. Any advice?
I agree, going without a star athlete might be a little dumb, maybe I will go the next generation Converse route and get some rookies in the late first round and begin with them. Maybe develop a commercial series around the creation of the universe and the creation of NBA Superstars. A little risky because what if the players flop, but could be something that, if done right, really creates a splash.

Ekinwojo_ nice start. Thanks for posting this, my feedback is below:

On the sketch:

1_ Right now it looks like your shank plate (thing with circles) touches the ground, major no no, unless you want the shoe to click when you walk

2_ It looks like it is missing an outsole. It looks like you have a midsole that touches the ground but no outsole.

3_ That red piece that wraps the toe cap, shank, and heel foxing, what is that? It would probably need stitches on either side of it.

4_ render the entire shoe, not individual parts. Right now the rendering is telling me your understanding of form and light is limited. Get some simple shoes (like a chuck taylor) and shine a light directly on it. Revolve the shoe and study how the light shows the form. Now do this with a more complicated shoe and you will see the same “core” shadows and highlights as on the chuck run through the shoe.


I have to say, the whole celestial thing sounds a bit young to me. I think you could abstract the idea further, and work on some more edgy names.

Yeah, my skills are definately limited. Thanks for the tip on rendering. I will try that out. I posted the idea about the brand on kicksguide wondering if it was too immature and I got basically the same thing, that it needs to be developed more than I have it to keep it mature. I have some books and I am learning more about stars, plantets, their formations, etc. I think I can get it to the point where it is “acceptable”, but can I do that in a week is the question. I will do my best.