Design for Habitat

Has anybody had any experiance with Habitat as a Designer?


probably a stupid question just confirming-is “Habitat”-> Nature or is it a design Firm that I am just unaware of ??


I’m presumming he means Habitat Furniture store.

It’s like a expensive version of IKEA. Don’t know if you get them in the US but they’re certainly quite common here in the UK.


live in nyc-neva heard of them-will check it out-

sry I just didnt kno-feel kinda stupid-to answer the question-nope neva wrked for them-

if you have never heard of it then you might want to check out Terrance Conran the founder. He has great ideas and philosopy of “habitat” in consumerism.

Hi, my girlfriends sister used to be the Graphic Design Co-ordinator for Habitat. Her manager was Tom Dixon who designs much of the products for Habitat. The headquarters (design studio) used to be on Tottenham Court Road in London but has recently moved. (could find out where if you need to know). Tom Dixons website is job openings are sometimes posted here. Anyway she worked there for about 4 years and really enjoyed it. Everyone who worked with her in the studio was really friendly. She only left due to a better job offer.

Hope this helps.

man that is an anoying website. I do not want to play ping pong with the images … i just want to see them! :angry:

Wow- you’re right. It actually hurts your eyes…

How is it that a designer can have such a terrible website :open_mouth: . It’s not easy to use, and it doesn’t even try make up for it by looking cool. I spent teh entire time I was there chasing those little boxes around the screen and waiting for them to stop moving so I could sneak up on them. It’s like that whack-a-mole game at chuckie-cheeses.
Ok, I’m done ranting,
No I’ve never heard of, or worked for Habitat. Has anybody worked for Ikea?

Video game navigation was in about 6 years ago. Most have figured out by now that it anoys the user.