Design focused companies in the US

Hey Guys,

I am an Industrial Designer with over 10 years of experience in Design and Innovation. I have designed mobiles for Samsung, pitcher filters for GE and Clorox and have worked on design patents for a considerable part of my career. In my last job, I was leading an Innovation Team within the Marketing function for a Telecom company in India. Now I am pursuing MBA from an Ivy League B-school (thus am in New York Area) and want to blend Design, Innovation and Business Strategy.

I am looking for recruiting opportunities in the US which may give me a chance to work in one of the following roles. Can you please help me/ direct me to the right one? Right now, I am just looking for names of companies and department/groups/teams within them, whether they are currently recruiting or not will surely be a later step. I know it might be a tough cookie to crack, but please put on your brainstorming caps. The roles I am keen on are:

  • Innovation focused role in a Tech/ Consumer Electronics company
  • Business+design strategy role in corporate/ consulting
  • New Product Development/ Product Management role in Devices/ Gadgets Industry

Thanks a lot guys!

(PS. I might post it in other discussion forums too. Please bear with me. Opinion/ Guidance by Core77 members is the closest I can get to the voice of the Oracle :slight_smile:)

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