Design Firms

Does anyone here own a print, identity or architecure firm?

How good is the market for such firms…can they be as profitable as the retail insutry for example (of course the number of clients and the clients which you have does have a great impact on the level of revenue).

I’m just curious about just how much money someone can make when setting up a design firm.

Thanks. :smiley:


All your posts are similar. Its all money, wealth, success, ego.

Do you care about design at all? Or are you just looking for a quick buck.

If so, try spread trading or casino gambling.

Im sorry to be harsh, but everyone has heard it all before.

Yes, i am hugely passionate about design, I just want to know what it takes to take my online portfolio to the next level and expand it to a company level.
I’ve worked hard all my life (i’m only 18 by the way) and I want to have a successful business , which I plan to open up as a studio. If people can help me then I would be most grateful.
I start university in september and am not doing a design related course but am setting up my design firm as a side line, and lets face it who doesn’t want to be a successful designer or have a successful firm

Ive already had “famous” clients such as djs who have asked me to help them with the print work of their albums and I want to try and expand that. That is all.

“Firm” would imply you are going to hire people. It’s going to be very hard for an 18 year old college student/amateur designer to convince people to work for him without cred and clients. I think “freelancer” is the word you’re looking for.

What you need to do is decide WHAT type of work and clients you want to attract. Right now your online portfolio shows one, maybe two visual illustration styles that might be attractive to 18-year old boys (hint: one half-naked girl illustration is more than enough.). What it doesn’t show is “design” , ie. problem solving through composition, typography, and appropriately differing aesthetic styles.

You have to convince clients that you have the insight and talent to adapt to their needs and solve their problems–not just further your art. Otherwise you’re competing with desktop publishers and Kinkos for the work that has to be done, yet no one cares about.

A college design portfolio will give you what you’re lacking: assigned design problems and your solutions across a variety of needs, from identity to advertising to the display of quantitative information, signage, packaging, etc. Note that if you look at the web-portfolios of most design firms, they are showing their problem-solving abilities just as much as their aesthetic art.

Those who have a successful business now, never decided they want to have a successful business. Think of how you can help people through design, think of why you like to look at design (for me, because it makes me imagine, so I get my kicks out of it). If you’re looking to put up a design studio where you’re gonna hire people and have clients come and go, then you need a budget. Or otherwise, you can do what most designers do, make a website and market your stuff through email and newsletter, you can do it all your self, or with a friend. An on-line design store, you don’t need an office, no one needs to come over anyways, do your work through emails, its alot easier and consumes less time, space and money, just put your mind on making an excellent website, that is problem-free. Keep updating the site, it might take time to become perfect, you just need the well to want to, some faith, and a belief that one day you’re gonna get what you want. Think and make clear to your self what “exactlly” you want, from all this.
Thinking too much about money is gonna hurt your mind.

You are passionate about design, how so?

You want to open a studio… as a side line… and not even getting a design related degree?

First of all, you will have no real knowledge of what you need to run a design related business. Secondly, there is no such thing as a “side line” design business if you really want to get involved in it. What are you going to do? Just hire some people to run the firm while you watch your stocks?

and what online portfolio? If you don’t even want to get a design related college level education, I doubt your online portfolio is going to get you anywhere.

So how passionate are you?

It just sounds that you are looking for a industry that will earn you quick big bucks. Sorry to tell you that ID isn’t as profitable as you think.

Best bet is if you can set up your own manufacturing business and have your own ID department. Make quality specialized products and get larger margin with them.

[quote= “… and not even getting a design related degree?”][/quote]

What does he need a degree for? All you need is love, a love that doesn’t lie. Clients never ask or care whether you have a degree or not, they just want good design. Goodness I believe comes form honesty and truth, so if you truely know you’re passionate about design, then go ahead and do whatever you want, all you need is try, no one will tell you to stop, just try try try & think think think.