Design Firms In St. Louis

Ok, so I searched the listings on Coroflot and I know there are more places than whats listed.

Anybody have some good leads, I’m going to be moving there soon while I go to grad school and could use some freelance opportunities.

used to live there a few years ago, so here is what i know:
As far as actual Design consultancies, i only am aware of Metaphase Design group in clayton and Objex Design (Used to be Premier Design and Mfg) in STL.
Other places I know that have Designer’s on staff or have design opp’s for freelance:

Cerf Brothers Bag Co: Earth City, MO. They have/had the lic. to design softgoods for Columbia Sportswear/Convert and a few other brands. Ask for Cory Nykoluk…great guy and talented designer.
TRG: Olivette, MO. They have/had the lic. to design softgoods for Swiss Army, Timberland and I heard they now do Callaway Golf’s stuff as well. They work on a few other lesser known brands, but that is the jist of it. Ask for Andy Burgess (Dir. of Design)
Cardinal Brands: cant remeber the city/town.
Lots of office related goods.
Contico Mfg: Also in Earth City, MO.
Ridgid Tools: Think they were in Earthy city as well.
Metaphase: . Heathy Doty: Designer there.
Objex Design: . Cory Feit: Design lead

Think that is about all I know…hope that helps.
Best of luck there.


Not the story I heard when I applied to Premier Design (and Mfg?)… But I also never heard back from them.

Objex is not officially an evolution of Premier Design. Three of the designers working at Premier (which I believe was the entire design staff at the time) walked out on the owner. These three designers started Objex. Since the owner of Premier was looking to move on for some time, he closed the Premier office. I found it strange that since Objex is a seperate entity from Premier, they were able to show all their Premier work on their site.

two designers left stealing the client list, lieing saying they were parners in Premier, and that they were given permission to show content. All lies…