Design firms in Inida?

Wondering who will be the first design firm to open an office in Inida to meeting the booming market? Anyone see the big names over there yet…IDEO, DContinuum…etc or any American based firm?

Seems like the more I read, the more they are up and coming in lots of high tech products…seems like a perfect opportunity or am I blind?

maybe they can’t find inida on the map?

India is a tough place to operate if you are not fully committed to that market. We wrote a business plan to open a museum and a school in Bangalore for the Indian Government. I thought first that we would be in like flin however the customs and business practices are quite different. You have to bribe to get the dammed phone on. So much bull shit. Seams the British did a number on them.

I think IDEO pulled out of Tokyo?

I can just see you barrelling into Bangalore, with your business plan to teach those poor indians how to use [insert whichever latest s/w you’re teaching] and a museum, and wondering why no one wants to play … no matter how much ‘latest whiz bang technology and US dollars, man, that’s real money’ you throw around. I’m glad the brits did a number on india, taught them how to see through flash and dash.

btw, you don’t know whether the locals were keeping you out by raising the barriers to entry with a bribe - 'tis called Porter’s 5 Forces.

The “hot” firm right now in Bangalore is Idiom. Some say modeled after IDEO (and indeed their name isn’t that far off) - huge plans to grow, some big clients, many disciplines under one roof, the result of a merger between several smaller firms.