design firms & Impact

which design company(Industrial design) you think has made / making the most impact on this planet?
shaping the design world, or made the difference in this world in general.

That’s a very hard question to answer and very broad. All firms do different thing and also have their own specialties.

That is broad. Apple’s been making gadgets for years, and everyone wants the latest version. So, by impact you can say they have a large impact on the planet (albeit negative in terms of e-waste). But don’t you wish you were Steve Jobs (aside from the whole cancer thing of course)?

I’ve forgoten their name but John Deere uses a consultancy…tons of impact from farm equipment I’d say.

Company impacting the planet via design?

I’d say either General Motors, the largest car company in the world throughout the 20th century. Industrial design and planned-obsolescence embraced by the auto-manufacturers in no small way helped to put them there, and millions of cars on the roads.

Or Apple, which gave us the Personal Computer which has really transformed the latter 20th C in ways no-one expected, and really enabling the Internet if you think about it! And obviously gets the highest marks in terms of Industrial Design quality.