Design Firms focused on Aesthetics

What design firms (in U.S. or internationally) come to mind when you think of very high-end aesthetics? I’m looking for aesthetics that relate closer to architecture or furniture than say technology. Can anybody chime in or give referrals?

Porche Design certainly pushes out a lot of skin jobs as PR, bit I don’t know anyone outside of Alessi, Stark, Karim etc…who focus strictly on style.

why do you ask?

EDIT: Forgot about Vitra

High Design Furniture:

Ligne Roset:
B + B Italia:

frog design focuses on more than just aesthetics, and not just in CE. Their goal for most product designs is to be “ïconic”

Thanks guys. I was asked by a non-IDer, and was curious what this community had to say. Teague came to my mind, and then of course the “rockstar” designers. If anyone thinks of anything else I’d be curious- especially internationally.

Seymore Powell usually does aesthetic stuff, but not sure how much is or isn’t electronics.

DCA in the UK is well known for producing some beautiful work too…

How about


  • Ross Lovegrove’s studio
  • Pininfarina. Mostly transportation design of course, but they do other things as well.
  • Freedom of Creation, focused on 3d printed objects.
  • Allow me to do some indirect self-promotion and mention to keep an eye on people that graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Aesthetics is a key theme there, not just in terms of form but also interaction. For example, this product has sprouted from that ‘lineage’: