Design Firm Entrances

I was recently given the task of rethinking our entrance where I work. Having been to a few other design firms I have a some ideas of where we could go with things, but I thought I would reach out to get some more inspiration.

If you guys have ideas or even could take a quick picture of your firm’s entrance that would be awesome.

And to start things off here is ours as stands… Most of these projects are dated so we are looking to revamp everything. (oh and that big wheel is not one of ours!)

Nice idea. I will try to snap one on Monday.

Not my office (I wish) - but I saw these pics of the offices at Parliament in Portland a few weeks back and loved what they’ve done with their space.

I don’t really feel the entrance where I work…but I would advise you to look at high end retail for inspiration in terms of how to present portfolio work to visitors. Lots of design firms seem to have that artists riding bicycles around all day in a colorful room vibe. Go more minimal and chic.

The Parliament space is pretty tight. The right mix of high design, site-specificity, businessness, and fun.

We’re currently moving spaces, and therefore redoing the current space (bought a new building…)

I’ll try to post pics in a few months when things are done.

Not a consultancy entrance, but still fun. What else are you going to do when M&M’s is one of your biggest brands?

Not a consultancy per se, but here is my studio entrance (live/work)… Don’t have clients over that often though. Moving to a new loft in the next month or so… (same building, double the size). Will post pics when done.


PS. Love the Parliament pics. Saved a quite a few for reference.


Moving to a knew loft? Damn man your pics of that loft have been inspiration form my home. I loved the style of your place. Can’t wait to see the new one.


Yup. Literally next door. Hard to pass up almost double the space in a building and area I love. Now just an excuse to collect more stuff! And you know how I love stuff!



You have driven my love for cool vintage stuff. Just picked up a 1920s Underwood typewriter just because it is cool. Still looking for that steal on mid century modern furniture.

Back topic. OP…let us know if we are helping. Also it would be great to see your development. Drive this like a normal ID project. I would love to see some kick ass interior sketches!!!


To the OP, best I can suggest is to “think outside the box” though the cliche is well worn. The Parliament space is a good example of that. Taking chords of wood to make a wall, stripping to define a space, etc. mixed with some new but now so expensive furniture (note all the eames chairs are plastic, not original fiberglass, and maybe even repros…).

Worst is to be too “design office” with standard SS logo, big TV, wall of whatever color is hot, etc. I don’t know what the Baltimore market or your clients are like, but can never hurt to add some personality to a space and make it look more individual than a DWR catalog at best (or IKEA worst).

If you have a shop in your place you are even more lucky… just think of what you can do! (Wish I had a shop or more than a 50 year old drill with 1 speed and no reverse- though it looks pretty cool.).


Nice stuff guys, excited to see more examples.

The Parliament set up is really nice, love that log wall, can’t beat that Pacific NW style.

The Mars stuff is really wild too, are those what I believe are subtly integrated security gates?

Excited to see more stuff!

Oh and looks like you have a sick loft rkuchinsky, dig the Boblbee pack!