Design Films/TV/Videos

What design films/TV shows/YouTube-videos are there ?

I know of…
Genius of Design (UK)
IDEO YouTube channel
Also following people on twitter

University is over for summer and I’m looking for things to keep the design flowing :slight_smile:

There is a series with Philippe Starck … can’t think of the name of it now

Yea I remember that, we watched it in design lessons at high school.
Supposed to be the “cream of the crop” of British designers but they were appalling.
Some interesting projects though Ill try to find it, thanks

There’s also Britain’s Next Big Thing, Click and Secrets of the Superbrands on the BBC.

Also there are a ton of TED talk videos related to design.
You could probably spend the rest of your life watching those videos.

Design related, there is of course also Helvetica (graphic design/typography) but also Art & Copy (advertising/branding).
I enjoyed both. A&C was quite a thrill-ride of a movie.