Design Fees

How much would you charge to design something like a casing for an electronics box with a LED screen and maybe 12 buttons? The client wants a styling job basically. I plan to give him 3 options and then 3D Rhino CAD deliverables and a full set of 3D renderings.

I was thinking $12K or under…maybe $9K minimum. I got over 10 years exp. but have to compete with less capable low ballers too at times in the freelance world.


Charge 20K. Good balls are hard to come by.

10 years experience and you’re asking this Q. ask 5k go broke and go and work in starbucks. This industry has no time for this stuff…really??

careful what you ask for

Here in taiwan - where I’ve been working - it’s dirt cheap…designers get paid roughly 50,000NT per month…which is roughly $1700 per month and they work at an average 14hrs per day. In china they get paid even less (but usually don’t work as much). If you start asking for too much, they might ask a taiwanese company…like the one I’m working for.

Cool they went for the $15K

Some manufacturers are offering free design styling in exchange for the manufacturing. Man that spells the end of styling jobs…or jobs in general.

It’s what the client can bear to pay and what you can get.

Estimate the hours you’ll be spending x $100/hr.
with visual models, should should be a bit less $/hr.

A typical design firm would charge like $60K in the SF Bay Area… I am guessing.

also my reaction… you got 10 years experience and asking “Core” for advise on rates? Did you work on a farm?

Never hurts to compare and contrast.

I would charge $12K and I only have 5 years experience.

That’s cheap considering they will be making money off it for a couple years with nothing more comig to you for teh design.

What does a PDA go for?