design exercises?

Hey folks,

I’m a design student. I had a book recommended to me a while back and am having trouble remembering the name. It was essentially a book of design exercises and challenges aimed at designers, architects and engineers. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Does anyone know of any other resource like this? I’m looking for ideas, assignments or projects if you will, that I can respond to on my own time as practice. Other than the 1HDC that is :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your input!

The only book I can think of like what you describe is Elements of Design by Gail Greet Hannah. It’s based on the teaching of Rowena Reed Kostellow. It’s got a whole lot of activities in it.

I have a book that is not the one you are talking about, but similar and pretty good. It’s called “caffeine for the creative mind” by
Mumaw and Oldfield.

It seems aimed more at general creativity, touching on creative writing, architecture, graphic and product design but it has 250 quick exercises to get those juices flowing. :smiley: I’ve found them to be fun, and usefull for waking up. Even better if you can do a few with a friend!