Design Ethics - Inspirational. Please Post Your Stories.

Hi there,

Im new to the forums, Thought I would start off by saying hi!

My name is Julian - I’m a final year Graphic Design student from AUT university in Auckland, New Zealand (Bachelor Graphic Design).

For my exhibition project, I am looking into the area of ethics and design.
Specifically targeting the ideas of ethical responsibility to my fellow peers the next generation of graphic designers.

Im looking to form ethical values through narrative. Showing through example, (positive and negative) rather than telling people what to do.

Therefore, If anyone has had any experiences on a job where they have taken a personal stand in favor of their ethical and moral values, or where they have wished they had in hindsight, or even just had a feeling that what they were doing was wrong, I’d love to here from you.

Private message, email or just reply to me in this thread, I would be extremely thankful for any feedback.

Depending on the story, I would like to conduct an interview in the form of an electronic survey (Email) or brief description of the job. These will be used on a ‘offline’ website at the exhibition. I will respect anyones wish to stay anonymous.

Once again thank-you for helping me spread the idea of responsible ethical design, I think this is a very important issue that the next generation of graphic designers must be aware of.