Design Engineering-Good Choice or Bad Choice?

I am a recent Industrial Design graduate and wanted some advice from other practioners(IDers and Design Engineers).

Instead of waiting around to find that perfect ID position I decided to crossover into Design Engineering for the time being to learn a little more about design for manufacturability.

And what I would like to know from this post is, do you think that this was good or bad decision considering the mentalitys of both professions?

Give me some pros and cons…

What is industrial design without engineering design? very few people can move from a graduate into pure industrial design without understanding the reality of design that practising design engineering will bring to your knowledge.

depends on two things:

1- the school you picked

2- what your goal is

or viseversa!!

but if you are a designer and have an engineering background chances are you have better communication with engineers and manufacturing. otherwise it might become a struggle if you don’t recieve engineering support.

I feel that the knowledge that I am receiving from being a design engineer will definetly be valuable to me in the future as an Industrial Designer. But the process as a Design Engineer is totally opposite of an IDer. Coming from Ohio State were process is the driving factor of the program, has helped me more as an Engineer than a IDer.

Now that I have been working as Design Engineer I have alot more respect for the profession because now I know that there are going to manufacturing constraints that we as designers have to take into consideration when developing our products.

I want to use this knowledge to be an even better IDer but I think hiring managers will look at my experience and skills and want to bring me in as an Engineer or Modeler rather than a IDer, and thats not what I want to become of this.

At least it sounds like it to me! What I wanna know is how you did it! It’s now clear to me that you are studying Design Engineering or that you are employed as a design engineer. If you are hired as a design Engineer I want to know what ID qualifications helped you land the job!

To answer your question, I completed my ID degree this past June from Ohio State. I decided to accept the Design Engineering position because I didn’t want to wait for an ID position or opportuity to open up for me.

The company that I work for is trying a new approach to obtaining new business within the automotive sector so they decided that they wanted to bring IDers to help boost up their quoting power amonst other companies.
I thinks its a smart move from a business standpoint, but for me the process isn’t fast enough and its tainted.

I think my drawing skills and innovative ideas got me the job because it is something that this company isn’t use to. So hopefully it will pay off for me and the company.

Design Engineering isn’t a bad position because you are obtaining knowledge about the entire process, their just isn’t enough ID skill level work.