------------DESIGN ENGINE EDUCATION------------

Hi everybody! I am Alfredo and I teach at Design Engine Education. The school has a reputation for training industrial designers at a high level in modeling and sketching skills and their track record is impressive for assisting ID’ers to gain employment. I just started working there and am really surprised. Not only teach Pro/E, Alias and others software’s special to industrial designers, they get calls from Harley Davidson and ACCO for past participants from our school. Here the ambient is really cool and we can give you real tools for the real world, many students came here after graduating because they doesn’t feel their skills enough strong for work, you can be one of them… just take a look in our site.

Federal Funding: is now available to take training with Design Engine Education. http://www.proetools.com/wia/ We are now a WIA Certified training provider (Workforce Investment Act). Although you do not have to be unemployed to take advantage of this Federal Grant, you will have to speak to your local ‘Unemployment Case Worker’ for more information. USA only.

Design Engine Education: http://www.proetools.com
A product design school that specializes in process and software. This software is primarily used in the product development field. Administered classes range from Pro/ENGINEER (Motorola ACCO, Harley Davidson), Solidworks to Rhino (Motorola, Whirlpool) and Alias (Kohler, Sram Corp) to Maya training (used in 90 percent of the special effects that are in the movie industry). The school has access to federal grants to train the unemployed (Workforce Investment Act). Our target demographic are CAD managers of manufactures to industrial designers, engineers, draftsman, inventors or anyone with an idea who has the desire to communicate their idea in a three Dimensional model. Some of the Design Engine Education clients include Motorola, Harley Davidson, BMW, Mabe, British Aerospace, NASA and Kohler to name only a few.
I can offer u considerable discounts if you mail me… or if you have more questions about the courses or if you are interested.