design education master degree

Hello ^!^

I am interested to pursue a master degree in art / design education.
Can anyone give me some advice? it can be in the United States or Europe.

many thanks!


I know in the US, in order to become a tenured instructor in art and design at the college level all you need is a master’s degree… in anything.

To teach art to school children you do need a masters degree in Art Education.

In the US a Masters is needed for tenure at universities is true, but most art schools are willing to offer tenure to someone with a Bachelors and enough experience and committment to education. (although I think this is trending down)

Some programs offer a masters that can focus on design: education, management, or theory/practice - as the student chooses. Ohio State does (I think, and Pratt?) but check through all the specifics for the grad schools listed on IDSA.

How abouif you are the swiss army knife of design, what the hell do you do.

I’ve worked in architecture firms, I’ll be getting a masters in Interiors and I’m focused in ID in just 2 subjects: Furniture and street legal ATVs design, is that all, how do I pull my life together?\I am the pot pie of design, howw to bake me and come up with a unified meal?

Any insights?


Well architecture, interior design, and furniture design are all quite related… the ATV thing seems a bit tangental and specific. Is that more of a hobby or are you taking a class in it?