Design education fees vs. Others

Why is it that design education is so expensive and yet when we graduate we have tons of debt and our salary is so low?

Whereas, business or law schools are so cheap- only 1 to 2 years and yet they make more than designers when they graduate?

Ouch, that really sucks when you look at it, eh?

my analysis is this:

  1. Life sucks

hmm, guess that’s it. What kind of debt are you graduating with, if you don’t mind my asking?


Closest I could say is that most people in the art/design field actually like what they do. And would probably do it for themselves as a creative outlet, even if they weren’t getting paid. While others might get paid well, they may wake up hating what they do all day. That ends up being the tradeoff, less pay but doing something you love so that you actually enjoy waking up and going to work, won’t feel like a bad chore.
Now the best thing would be to get in a place and get paid nicely for work you enjoy, that’s nice living.