Design education and gamification

Talking with fellow academic (not in design) today. They shared with me their pedagogy that has evolved over the last five years. Everything that is taught or learned now has an associated point value and is delivered, managed and evaluated using a software platform in their classroom and online.

  1. Are there any design academics here in this forum who are teaching with a similar point value system in the classroom?
  2. What is the level of subjectivity vs objectivity you bring to grading of assignments and projects?
  3. Do you use the Canvas platform to manage your students progress and deliver content? (if not, what platform are you using?)
  1. no but my 7th grader has point values for all homework and quizzes/tests
  2. there’s probably some subjectivity in grading but I suspect its more like “was it on time and following the prompt” (which requires a descriptive prompt to begin with and some leeway in interpretation)
  3. we used Canvas at grad school, my wife used it at the technical program she recently completed. The chat/conversation module worked OK too.

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