design dvd's

hi all,

i am looking for films on design and industrial design.
got any ideas?
and where to find them…

thanks !!

if you are looking for instructional type dvds check out

i’m more looking on films on industrial design… and designers… in the likes of alvar aalto or others…


‘More than meets the eye’ is an 8 part series showcasing 8 fields of design in Singapore.
Product and Industrial, Urban and Landscape, Architecture, Fashion, Furniture, Advertising, Visual Communication…

If you’re interested in the design scene in Singapore, you gotta watch this. Its got detailed info on the major design centres(osim, philips, motorola), designers, studios, schools, etc…

there are a lot of programs on History channel and national geographic which illustrate Design of some path-breaking products ranging from Automobile design to furniture design to tea-pot design by Alessi. There are so many dvds and cds available from Discovery on such classic design examples like “Making of Harley V-Rod” and many more.

Furthermore, I dont know whatis the intent for this exercise to get dvds for what purpose. But I guess this should solve some purpose.

Books and DVDs on his work. Awesome, awesome, awesome. All bow before the Master.