During 1900 to 1910 there were many influences and new products being produced, I feel that this decade was the transition period from Art Nouveau to a more modernised way of designing, geometric style and more simple ways of designing. i would be interested in any imput about theses ideas and any events that may have taken place during this period that had an effect on design and architecture

Yes… war.

Starting with the American Civil War and culminating in the First World War, I believe that the frills that went with previous warfare tactics were eradicated by trench warfare.

Prior to all this, much was done for the psychological effect… decoration so to speak. Charging a fortified position in large groups to scare the defenders, cavalry banners and bugles to indicated that battle hadn’t created disorder, fully stocked mobile offices for the general staff, etc., these accoutrements became liabilities in a war where aerial observation, portable machine guns and chemical warfare endangered even the most protected combatants.

As a result, simple and functional were not only better, but helped ensure survival.