Design Direction and Portfolios

So there are more than a few of us regulars on this board that either are in management roles or over the years have progressed through the ranks and have start giving more direction to teams of younger designers. I myself have been put in that sort of role recently and have start giving art and design direction to internal people as well as outside vendors. So my question is for all of you that do the same, how do you include this in your portfolio? Meaning if I personally did not design the art, structure, etc… but lead the people that did, is it still kosher to add that to my port? Obviously I would call out what I did and give the credit, but how is that viewed by a potential client or employer? I know the leadership is a good thing but I still wanted to see how other approach it.

I do a lot of powerpoints that show consumer profile building, brand direction, product direction, product detailing, so I show those (usually I’ll show 4 slides on a page so as not to bore people slide by slide) then I might show a snap shot of the products that come out of that and explain my role guiding the process.