Design destinations in Shanghai?

Hey everybody,

I’m a big-city transplant currently living in a town of 75,000. Needless to say, I crave culture in a big way. I go to Asia at least 2x/year, so that is my main way of getting a cultural dose.

I’m headed to Shanghai (among other places) next month. Any suggestions for things to check out? I totally dig communist propaganda/design, architecture, and Chinese antiquities.



I’ve been in Shanghai for a while and i can tell you, you won’t find much communist propaganda/design stuff here.
Check out M50 Moganshan Lu, many galleries,PuDong has 2 famous skyscrapers Jin Mao tower and the new Financial Tower where you can walk on a bridge once you’re on the top. Chenghuang Temple and around is a good place to buy souveniers and has some chinese architecture.
Make sure you have an english, chinese city map, cab drivers don’t speak english!!!
I also recommend you to eat some Hot Pot while you are here!!!

Have fun in Shanghai

Thanks for the tips! I have had hot pot every time I’ve visited Shanghai… in fact, I always try to have hot pot every time I go to Asia! It is super delicious and I can’t get it where I live.

I’ll check out the rest of your recommendations. I was able to score some sweet Mao stuff around the Yu Gardens area, but would definitely like to find some more : )