Design degrees in college vs university

Does it make a difference if you’re a graduate with a bachelors degree of design from a college and university?
Will you be looked at differently if you graduated from a college rather than a university even though you have a bachelors degree?


No, that doesn’t matter. Though do some research and you can find which schools have good reputations in the industry.

I believe the only difference is the size of the school.

Absolutely not - it’s just how the hierarchy works.

In the US a University is just a collection of colleges. For example, I graduated from Virginia Polytechnic State University, but my degree is from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, School of Architecture and Design.

There are all kinds of reasons why they subdivide educational institutions but that’s a separate discussion.

In the US a University is just a collection of colleges.

When I was in school, it was Purdue University, College of the Humanities, School of Product and Environmental Design.

You will be surprised how much it matters being part of an actual design community - you could argue that’s what truly breeds designers. And you develop a much more critical sense of quality, seeing and comparing actual results. I will never recommend an online course in a field like graphic design that with a little discipline you can learn autonomously using all kinds of content that is freely available nowadays.