Design Crimes :: You don't have a stroller for your DOG!?!

I was going into a friends apartment building this past weekend. A woman in front of me was walking her dog and pushing what LOOKED LIKE a baby stroller. As we approached the elevators, she picked up her dog AND PUT IT IN THE F**KING STROLLER.

Now, for the love of everything that is hairy…is this really necessary? Last I checked, dogs have survived a few thousand years with four feet quite well, thank you very much.

The design is a lot nicer than most kid strollers… I’d say it is a marketing crime.

Good point. But it was still Designed.

I guess I am getting to the point that it isn’t one “groups” fault for the failure of a product. Marketing, ID, Engineering…they all fail on this one, IMO.

It’s not a real dog if it isn’t bigger than a football.

This is a great one. This goes right along with those stupid people I was talking about in the grocery store. I have a dog. I love her and she is part of the family, but she is not a baby and we do not treat her like one. There is no need to put a dog in a stroller or a bag!!!

Try going to a pet trade show, like H. H. Backer. Holy crap. I swear I saw Rick Ocasek pushing a pink stroller with a Lhasa Apso inside and a pink canvas Lhasa Apso tote bag over his shoulder. Frightening.

I do contribute to this industry, but in a much more productive way!