Design Crimes the TV show.

This was a sketch from the demo reel for the show “Design Crimes” I’m collaborating on.

very cool yo!!!
i would buy one!
do you usually use pen or pencil to sketch(which do u like best)with marker

I use either.

This was a bic ballpoint on copy paper. I then photocopied it to prevent the lines from smudging. Marker, white pencil, red pencil, and white, red, and blue chalks on top.

Hot sketch Yo!
Anymore info on the show you’re shooting? Possible air date?

Yeah, it is being produced by Powderhouse ( who have done some great TV. We just filmed the demo reel the other night which was 3 hours of me ripping bad products a new one, sketching up what they could have looked like, and then going through some design classics and explaining what makes them good and why good design is important. They are going to edit that down to a short trailer and are lining up a few major national networks to pitch it to.

The process has been really fun, it all started over a random coffee with a producer I met from there who saw stuff on core77… this stuff counts people.

best of luck for the project! Sounds super exciting. I would totally watch that, but again, I’m (and likely all here at total design nerd) so maybe not your average TV audience.


LOL, thanks man, we are definitely not the average audience around here. It will be a little design 101ish, very simple and too the point, and hopefully a little funny… maybe it will help if some bad design gets called out in a public fashion. These things take time, so it might be awhile…

I hope it goes somewhere as I think it would be a nice education on the general human side of how things get done for people… and also might be some guest appearance opportunities for some of my core dot-comrades for sure…

waay OT, now, but I wonder if any of the products/brands you put on Design Crimes have any say… all you need to add to the mix is perhaps snark comments like Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear and you’ve got a winner…

something perhaps like -

“that clock radio looks like it was designed by a heard of low IQ with sheep with webbed toes on ketamine, while sketching on the back of a camel traversing the foothills of Turkmekistan under attack from the Taliban. All while listening to the marketing report from HQ on a podcast through a Microsoft Zune with paper cups for headphones!”



I split this off from doodling because it was taking on a bit of its own flavor.

That is exactly the style of the show R… lots of snarky comments. This might get me even more hated.

I actually just watched the rough cut of the demo reel… pretty funny. The producers are liking the mini trailer we shot so much we are going to go to pilot and see if we can get the network to bite. I’m sure you guys are going to have a good time making fun of me on this one if it ever comes out…

In the demo reel we talk Blackberrys vs iPhone, the horrible tragedy that are Alarm Clocks (how something so simple and essential is a mess both functionally and aesthetically… we also did a quick redesign of the basic alarm clock), power strips, coffee mugs, some of my favorite designs I own, and a little about famous designer products that sell you on the promise of good design and you get them home and they are crap…

oooh, what a tease!. I thought those pics were videos!

can’t wait. be sure to post the trailer here if it becomes available online.


that’s AweSOme,Yo…

I am waiting for … video release on CORE77…

This should be really entertaining, snarky comments aside it’s a great opportunity to get your regular consumer, like people who buy Wahl shavers, to really consider the crap they buy and think about the bigger picture.

Looking forward to it!

Oh man. I’m paying for the whole seat and only using the edge!

Sounds right up TLC’s alley (or at least a Discovery network of some sort)

Sounds like a good watch Mike… Hope it gets picked up

Sounds like a pretty fun concept and one that’s ripe for the picking.

I thought TLC only had shows with pregnant women now? hehe

Yo: Good luck man!

I think this might be too specific and dry for television audience. Opposite of which which explains plethora of sex, personal conflict, cops and law shows.

Analogy to other office professionals: accountant showing bad books and then redoing to save X tax, IT guy showing server room nightmare then redoing, etc. Or perhaps here even: how many designers vs. non-designers sign up and how many stick around or contribute?

Perhaps if there were a team with greatly varying opinion, different redesigns and methods, to develop lively discussion and surprises.

Just the dryness of guy in office doing office work seems limited. Perhaps field scenarios, factories, manufacturing, etc. I know straying a bit from your seeming intent; but I just don’t see more than 5 minutes interest of guy in office doing whatever.

Apologies for shooting down your trailer, I realize it’s not a finished, complete done deal. It would be excellent if you succeed; certainly it’s more deserving than yet another “so you wanna be a celebrity singer dancer cop law chef doctor action thriller erotic romance animated comedy dating” show. Maybe there’s room in a 1,000+ channel world?

there might be a need for a good cop - bad cop situation… Maybe a company representative there with you when you’re criticizing their product, defending what they had created. Might make for good drama

Thanks for the feedback, but I trust the professionals I’m working with here. The show is being produced by an experienced team that has written and filmed shows for Nova, they also do Tech TV, Build it Bigger, Extreme Engineering, Invent This, as well as a bunch of Discovery Channel specials, and more importantly, I just feel good abut working with them and I trust them with this.

I’m working with them the way I would want a client to work with me.

Hey, I demand royalties for that alarm clock design! :wink:

Seriously though, good luck! And be sure to lawyer-up in case any of the “accused” wants to come at you for defamation!