Design crimes: APPLE!?!?!

The interesting thing is that many of the “made in Switzerland” watches have Chinese mechanicals. The fact of the matter is that you can’t beat the mass-produced mechanicals now. Note that Rolex I believe is still 100% Swiss.

The same can be said for computers. Apple uses Intel processor and Nvidia graphics, just like everyone else. Their only clear proprietary advantage is their OS. However, I’ve grown up using crap Windows software, so it’s natural for me.

Going back to watches, it’s surprising what can be had out there now. There is a lot of great looking watches at the $100 level (Swatch, Nixon are two of my favs), but there are a lot of Fossils for $50 that are great too. I just bought a watch in Spain for 50 euro that seems to be a no name, but looks great. I really don’t understand why there isn’t a smart start up that grabs an Acer’s guts and wraps it in a really killer package for an extra $100.

Back to another point, I had my last laptop for a year and half. I resold it at a loss of 50% value. In this case, that’s $200. In the case of the Mac, it would have been more like $400-500…

Years ago my Dad took great pleasure in finding the best fake Rolex’s money could buy on the streets of Hong Kong. They can make them so real, and so perfect that unless you pull off the back to see it says made in China, you can’t tell. In fact, you can pay an extra premium to get one that says Swiss Made inside…

That right there is my point with regards to Apple. You pay a premium to “join the brand”. It’s a great brand. Beautifully designed from mouse to App Store. But, Apple anything simply costs more than it should. Period. Whether it’s a few hundred more, or a few bucks more, you’re going to pay. But why should you have to?

Why can’t you buy an Acer with OSX? And why can’t you buy something as nicely constructed as a MacBook Pro with Windows?

You can buy a macbook pro and run Windows on it if that’s what you want, no problem.

I’m pretty sure that if Dell, Acer or anyone made a computer with the materials and processes Apple do, it would cost pretty much the same as a Mac as well. Yes, you’re paying more and (keeping the OS out of it for once) you do get more. But it’s up to each and everyone to decide if that more can justify the premium.

I think ‘more than it should’ is a completely arbitrary economic assessment of Apple’s pricing. If they’re making money out the wazoo then obviously many people think the nicer experience is worth the money, and by definition that means their products are ‘worth the money.’

And as the creators of OSX and their hardware, they have the right to preserve the holistic customer experience they want to offer. The reason you can’t and shouldn’t be able to buy an Acer with OSX is because that limits the features OSX can have by broadening the hardware spec range.

Also, lots of people own Apple laptops for 3-5 years, so the resale argument is kind of silly to me, but I understand where you’re coming from. I think it’s nice that we have both ends of the spectrum when buying consumer electronics, I’m just surprised so many designers seem to be anti-Apple on these forums.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple, I just don’t own one.

I think I posted the recent John Sculley talking about Steve Jobs article in this thread. Apple is right, they need to keep OSX on Apple products only. First, it keeps the experience in control of Apple. Everything related to OSX, from the first boot up to throwing the product out is 100% controlled by Apple. That’s powerful. Second, it elevates the experience of the Apple product. A Mac with windows or an Acer with OSX definitely could not demand the premium that a MacBook with OSX has. It would dilute the Apple line to the point of irrelevance.

As for resale, if I hadn’t bought a crappy netbook, I would have kept my other computer longer, as I imagine I would a Mac. However, from the outside, it seems that Macs age faster than PCs. Perhaps that’s just due to the restrictions of upgrading various components (RAM, HDs, processor, video cards).