Design crimes: APPLE!?!?!

and the secret is, nothing ever is perfect in the first place!.. topic split.

I’d say that in TV/web ads and possibly through the packaging on the retail shelf, it is perceived as perfect. the concept of “mint condition” :wink: we lust after that image, but our oily, clumsy human bodies always muck it up

a little visual to help the thread along:

Fantastic. Stain resistant fabrics must be cutting into the vinyl couch cushion market. Lol

Vivavoom: My gf suggested I buy one of those when we moved in together. I said, we’ll just recover the sofa if she makes a mess.

I remember the first time I visited the US and saw the car bras. I could not understand wth that was and why. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one anywhere in Europe.

How about people who keep the remotes in plastic bags? For some reason most of my middle eastern friends’ parents have it like that

I’m a total anti-case guy as well. Objects are there to be used, I really could not care less about scratches. I even opened beer bottles with my v1 iPhone.


Yeah, ok. But it’s a bit bulky don’t you think? And I really hate small multiple hinges/pivot points. Too many points of failure there.

novel approach but

Too many points of failure there


and too bulky for what it is, I think. I’d like to see the design of the motorola backflip phone scaled to make it a laptop instead of this. and rotate 270 degrees instead of 180. Has this been done before? With the keyboard essentially on the bottom. Would require a different kind of rugged keyboard design :smiley:

yeah, really bulky… the frame seems awful chunky with just airspace inside.

I don’t mind the hinges (I kind of feel like the laptops die before hinges nowaday) and think the top surface when the screen flipped would have a nice smooth feel when your tableting. Too bad the interesting ones are almost never wacom enabled

Thickness vs no keyboard… I side with no keyboard for my personal needs…

ha, nevermind:

I like that I can leave the keyboard bulk behind if I’m not needing it.

I like the minimal approach by Apple. But I’m looking forward to all the Android and Windows slates coming out in a couples months. More options the better.

Optic Lingo, Inc. | | We Speak Design

Maybe this is too far off subject, the positive experience of the Apple product in this linked article in The Atlantic has effectively canceled out one or two of Apple’s design crimes for me.

A Blind User’s Profound Review of the iPhone

nxakt: great find. Thanks for sharing!

Although, on the whole very positive to the iPhone, I love the dig at iTunes at the end hehe.

Here’s an IDEA (award winner):

It’s a $370 netbook with its own OS. I like it. It looks durable and appliance like. I love the way that it integrates the keyboard into an easel. See, not so hard.

on a tangent - anyone hear Apple’s looking to hire (their first) human factors specialist?

If 85 to 90 percent of the world’s population is right handed, why are the USP ports ONLY on the left side?

I was thinking about this thread the other day, and how apples mice are the products I have the hardest to say good things about.

Obviously theres THE puck… but in my humble experience they seem to have also failed on successors. Only had a 10 minute session with the latest one, but I can’t say that it felt like a mouse meant to work with during stretches longer than 10 minutes. (I will however admit that the scroll feature was lightyears better than the previous microtrackball).

Is the intention of the lower profile to move the action from the elbow and instead down to the fingers and wrist ? I myself hold is with a claw like manner, as most others ive seen. Just cant rest the palm against it.

But for some reason, their mice have always been very iconic…

source of frustration for me as well. I like how all ports are on one side, but wonder why that side and not the other?