Design Crafts

Need more info about the course called “Design crafts/ Crafts design” , mode of teaching, does it involve immersing yourself in different forms of craft or just a basic knowledge to equip yourself to be able to work with crafstmen…how is it different from the design maker course???..cant figure out…need serious help with this plss…
some of the colleges offering the design crafts course (MA) : university of creative arts, uk; oregon college of art…
design maker course :camber well college of art; university of plymouth

someones gotta answer…???

It is really hard to understand what you are even asking. Break that 5 line sentence into some shorter questions. Also post some links to the programs your talking about.

it sounds like your looking at fine arts/crafts programs.
so a furniture class would be all about wood working,
Ceramics or Jewelry or Textiles would all be essentially shop taught classes.

as opposed to ID or IxD or GD that are more lecture/studio based classes.

is that your question?

Alright quoting examples:

MA Contemporary Crafts
(Ceramics, Glass or Jewellery)

MA Design: Design Crafts

I don’t really understand the difference between the two courses…All I know is that the first one is medium-oriented oriented, that you choose a medium and work with that one medium, but i guess that’s not the case with the second.
Presently I’m training in ceramics (pottery) but also work with different mediums like wood, metal etc.
Could someone please tell the difference between the two courses?
P.S. Shouldn’t it be an MFA programme rather than an MA if they’re training you to become a ceramic artist/metal artist?


the best thing would be for you to call them directly and get them to explain the difference, particularly if that’s a school your interested in. that should lead towards a visit and formal walk-through.

I don’t know anything specific about the courses you linked, but I’m a bit familiar with the “University for the Creative Arts”. It’s a fairly new university, that came out of a few universities joining together. This has resulted in some overlapping courses, so it might be that the intention of both is pretty much the same, though details vary. However, this does not necessarily mean equal quality of the courses.

The one I’m talking about is in UCA Rochester …any idea about how that campus is?? Seen a lot of mixed reviews online…Well I’m having a tough problem finding good MA Craft Design courses… it would be great help if you could tell me about it if you know any???
Plese someone knows about Craft Design programs (I’m a graduate in product design)

Sorry, I really don’t know, I looked briefly at some of their bachelors programs, and heard a graduate talk about their rochester photography course which apparently is ace, but that’s about all.