Design contest

Ok, i thought it would be interesting if everyone put down any known current or upcoming design contest. It would be cool if we could get a pretty good list going, i know core77 and idsa list a few, but if you have any other, lets post them.

The best source for design contests I’ve found is designtaxi. They seem to have a pretty comprehesive list covering all design fields…

And designboom always has a few running that they sponsor as well…

curious how many people here enter ID contests. only entered one in school. class mandatory. and recently entered one last minute. only two in over 10 years. maybe we should take a poll. would be informative.

A good contest according to ME;

When I’ve some time I’ll check the whole Designtaxi list, but for now it would be nice to get some recommendations as well.


Well I may be a little biased since I run the program but the call for entries is now open for IDEA 2007 ( Our winners receive amazing coverage. Check out the jury too, more international than ever.

If you are into computer design, the Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design Competition, which is endorsed by IDSA, is closed for entries this year but will likely be back again in 2007-08. No fee to enter that, and the prize money is quite generous.

There are new competitions being developed all the time so check back to IDSA’s site often.

Program Mgr, Awards & Competitions

I’ve entered 2 in the last year

Scion Floorplan - the task was to design a new 750 sq ft showroom within Toyota’s showrooms for Scion’s new vehicles - 5K 1st prize. Still waiting for results.

Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest - just for fun contest with decent prizes but little recognition - gives you a good excuse to buy 2 bottles of champagne, drink ‘em, and widdle a chair out of the cork and wire. Great excuse to break out the ol’ Dremel!