Design Consultancy Websites - Promoting Your Business

The small ID consultancy I’m working for is looking to redesign it’s website, and I’ve been given the task of working with a web designer to come up with a good marketing tool for selling the company and the services we offer.

As C77 is full of designers at different ID firms, I wonder if anyone else has had this challenge - to try and build a ‘sales message’ , crystallize a complicated service offering and promote effectively.

Looking at many other consultancy websites, the typical approach seems to be to talk a bit about the company, what services are offered and show a portfolio of work.

My main topics of interest are:

  • How best to promote to new client audience, but also show specialism in one or two specific markets (where the bulk of your existing work exists)?
  • How to explain the design service offering in a compelling way? And how best to sell ‘design’ as worth the investment, particularly to a Far East client base who might not value good design in the same way as a Western audience.
  • How to explain a design process that needs to be flexible enough and bespoke to any given client

If anyone has any insights on these topics I’d be grateful. It would be interesting to see some examples of good websites and why they stand out over the competition.

Also, does anyone have any data to show how much traffic generated from website visits actually results in contact for potential work?