design consultancies in hong kong

hi everyone,

does anyone know the name of any large design consultancies in hong kong?

the internet seems to find ones that only contribute to landfill.


depending what large means…yes. but dont all create landfill?


large as in successful, in a sense, well-known, well-established.

landfill being unnecessary landfill. a lot of hong kong design websites seem to claim to make quality products, but many of these are novelty and near-useless.

then not large. too new. but not landfill i guess.


Philips has a design branch in HK.

cheers molested cow (hehe)

if you get no luck, i can email design friends in HK. maybe they can recommend. let me know.

I have a friend that works for Philips in HK, other than that i think there are only a handful of other small design firms that do not have much of a following or high profile. I am not an expert on this so i could be wrong but my friend did interview at I think all or most of them and this is what i was told.


I’m actually a degree student in my 2nd yr. I’m Chinese, however I’ve been in the U.K. all my life.

After graduating, I’m eager to work in HK. So at present I’m seeking a work placement with a company in HK.

If you could speak to your friend for me, that would be great.

I’d appreciate it very much.