design-conscious camping seating

For a school project (materials engineering), I am required to design a product wherein the materials selection is the primary objective.

Not wanting to design a valve, a pipe fitting, or anything remotely related, I’ve decided to try and incorporate an ID approach into the project.

Originally I had planned on designing high-end outdoor furniture, but because of some issues with the other members in my group I am being forced to consider the design of camping seating, or seating that could be carried on a hike.

Furthermore, I’d like to do something similar to Freitag bags in that the chair would be made of recycled goods, or better yet, some sustainable crop like Jute or bamboo.

My question to everyone in the interwebs is whether or not you think it is feasible/ desirable/ worth my time to try and incorporate higher-level design influence into this product?



imagine the solution that looks and feels expensive, yet it made from common, inexpensive materials. fashion designers do it, can you? :wink: