Design confidentiality

Hello all,

This is to those in the design field that have some experience design confidentiality situations.

I have done some work for a firm two years ago and found out that the work is not going into production because it was too risky. The design does not use a new technology, but rather they are some stylized products that are trend driven so there it will probably by outdated in a few years. I have a feeling it will never go into production. I have e-mailed the designer that I worked with to find out when/ if at all it would be ok to show my work/ add it to my portfolio. I have heard nothing from them… What is the ethical thing to do in this type of situation? If a project never launches, then can I never show my work?

think there are time limits set by states. was asking this not long ago about unused ideas. if worth the money i’d get a lawyer and check. but otherwise for me, i always get permission first. without written permission i dont show it.

got a ton of stuff i cant show…