Design Competitions

What are your thoughts about design compeitions, awards? IDEA, ID magazine, etc.

For sure the recognition is great for a designer/company, but lots seem to but cash grabs for the jury/organizers.

Some are now up to $500 entry fee, plus additional costs of you win, to use the compeition logo, for inclusion to the winners book, etc.

No doubt there is value in the promotion of a winning design, but I cant believe the costs to put on a competition justify the entry costs. More like a marketing expense I suppose.

Just thinking about how much great design doesnt get seen when the big companies have the deep pockets and time to enter every design competition/award.


I think these awards don’t carry much weight outside of the profession - no real incentive for anyone besides individuals and consultancies to try and rack up an awards list…

If the judging were less subjective, and could be awarded to any new product, (not just those submitted) they’d be more legit. Particularly in the ‘if it can’t be measured it doesn’t exhist’ world.