Design Competitions' price tag

Hey all,

I am curious about competitions. More specifically comps that charge for entries. I am a student and was happy to see the Modern Painters Re:Vision contest posted on the front page of Core.

But then when I dug a little deeper I saw the price tag: $75 bucks might not be much for a design consultancy but its quite some money for a student. I do understand that their is cost involved with arranging and judging a competition but I am sure that many (me included) just don’t want to throw $75 out the window for the tiny chance of winning 10 grand.
Especially since we are up against not just other students but everybody else.

I just wonder why some competitions (like Designboom) manage to be free for students and others while others are not.

the prestigious Red Dot is 190 Euro entry, and if you win you’re required to purchase the package (display of your work at museum, yearbook picts/placement, rights, etc) of a minimum of 2,150 Euros… I can’t afford to win :open_mouth:

Some competitions have sponsors, though that may necessarily mean the entry fee is cheaper. IMO I don’t mind paying entry fee since it’ll weed out submissions that wasn’t thoughtfully designed

Not to go OT, but do you feel Design Awards are even relevant? A lot of times when I see a winner, I can think of a better designed competitor that maybe didn’t get submitted. I’d love to see a design award that you couldn’t submit to. The best of the best was simply selected by the jury out of all designs in a product category. Such a competition would have to be heavily bankrolled, and it couldn’t be sponsored by any manufacturers because of potential bias. I don’t think design media has that kind of money right now, but maybe sometime in the future.

The IF is another bad one if you win… it can be in the 2-3000 Euros as well.

I’m with you on the fact that the best product doesn’t always win, but it if you go thought the trouble of entering, paying, and hopefully placing - it can open doors for you. At a big company, I’ve seen a designer who won the IDSA student competition being fought over by some goliath companies, and he eventually got a one way ticket to America, a good job, and a green card

I like that zero-entry design award… that would be cool