design competitions anyone?

Does anyone know of any design challenges/competitions open to non-professionals and non-students? I have entered the recent core77 challenge and have had trouble finding similar challenges on the web.

theres a lock competition at the mo. the brief sounds fun.

good luck

o0o0o good site

Here’s my list of source links. You’ll have to sort through it though. (many graphic design):

American Design Awards: Graphic and Web Designers Forum
“(2 ways to compete) The A.D.A. offers annual and monthly design competitions to suit any design style and form. Both competitions are open to a wide range of individuals and corporations alike, ranging from students, freelancers and design studios, to corporate art departments and major creative firms.”

Bookpool: Bookmark Design Contest
Yearly event sponsered by the online bookstore, Bookpool and Adobe. Prizes, $ and free to enter

Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Illustration Awards & Competitions
“The top national and international competitions open to individuals, corporations and inhouse departments. Check out the Art Directors Club listing for a prestigious student competition.”

Graphic Comm Central
“links to a wide range of Graphic Communication-related competitions”

Graphic Competitions
Listing to links of various competitions

HOWdesign - Design + Creativity
" HOW magazine sponsors three high-profile graphic design competitions annually…"

designboom competitions
product, furniture and other 3-d design type stuff

If you’re interested in shoe design you might try

I think Design Taxi keeps a pretty good list going.

I usually check out DesignBoom when I’m jonesing for another project. A lot of students have been asking me about design competitions, so I put together this article: How to Win a Design Competition.