Design competition for a quick amusement

I hope that this isn’t the complete wrong area to post this.

Our new design competition on MINI Space just got started: Create a background under the topic of “electrified” and see how far you get. Your designs will be shown on MINI Space where members can vote for their favourites and the three most popular designs win a prize like an iPod touch, a MacBook Air,…

If you wanna join just click Official Homepage |


Hey, we recently launched the next round of our competition: Reinterpret the topic “Always open”.

Prices are a MacBook Air, a Canon digital camera, a design book by PHAIDON press and a Wacom Design Tablet.

Hi, and so we’re starting again :wink:

Last week launched our new design competition. This time it’s a calendar competition:

“Reinterpret the topic “MINIMALISM” in an artistic and philosophical way by designing a sheet for the MINI Wall Calendar 2010.

Twelve winning jury-picked designs will become part of the MINI Wall Calendar 2010 that will be available worldwide to celebrate MINIMALISM, MINI environmental initiative. We are looking for twelve amazing images for twelve months of the year.”

Each of twelve winners gets one of the new MacBooks.

So I hope that might be interesting for some of you.

You can enter the competition here.