design collectives

Thinking of…well more then thinking, of starting up a collective. I am a graphic designer want to do more Art directing and work with different types of design.

Working with a typographer and surface designer (graphics trained) , an interior retail branding person (graphics trained). A photographer and painter/illustrator, and fashion designer/ stylist (knitwear). I do graphics with an emphasis on branding! Early days yet want to do an exhibition / event then build from that! which eventual focus on joint commissions

all pursuing other things also in our fields! and advice comments, experience tips views? thanks :smiley: :bulb:


All sounds very interesting! I am currently freelance and love working in different areas of design and with different materials. I have done a similar thing in the past and it can be so much fun. The down side to it can be if other members do not take things seriously. Like you said its also good to have your own projects too.
I think alot more people will work this way in the future, it makes for a very creative, free, and stimulating working environment. Plus it gives you more depth, contacts and all round awarness as a desginer/artist or whatever you are.
Would you be thinking of working under a name? when you all collaborate on a project etc…

Hope everything goes well, mark :wink:

Thanks Mark for the feedback!

Yeah i hoped that they would be some of the advantages. Yes was hoping to start by all creating some fun but considered work under a agreed subject or in response to a concept. Work towards putting on a event/show to display our joint findings.

The idea is to give our self time to create some focussed and interesting work, then take some time to present ourself together under one name. Having our style and motavation clear, expanding on our concept as the focuss of the event our promotion, the publicity (try for funding?? :blush: ) and put on a cool and fun event.

From this point we hope to invite everyone and their cat, have fun and collect as much contacts as possible. Which will allow us to update people on our progress with nice mailouts, and prepare for a second far tighter more commercialy focussed event! And hopefully get some commisions

well thats the idea!! thanks anymore feedback plz? :wink:

hi bears have more fun

where is your collaborative going to be based out of? i am interested and live in Los Angeles.

This sounds really cool! I would love to be involved if possible. I’m based out of Atlanta.

Thanks ‘abecamacho’ and ‘me08’, its great to get feedback!

Well I am based in the UK in London. I feel these things are best when not too big, (that is if you not got lots of cash and fulltime to dedicate like me :cry:) however its really early days and I am open to lots of ideas feedback suggestions ect.

I would love to keep in contact, let you know how stuffs progressing when its more structured, see if your still interested. (get your feedback) or better yet get some ideas/ work flowing??

Long term I would definatley love to have links with people over seas, think can add versatility and depth to work! The photographer is off to live in paris of a few months (although thats so near to London i guess that don’t count by your standards hey!) let me know i guess?

Thanks again! :wink: