Design Collages in USA

recent Mech Eng Graduate here.
Thinking of doing a MA in design feild be it ID or PD
basically in collage covered the bog standard basics , design calculations, manufacture materials and so forth
But primarily lacked the design concepts stuff as in the art part, the sketching of ideas and stuff. I did art for 7 years prior to collage so I feel I am more than capable to do th art but in order to get into a design firm considered doing MA .
What is requiredd toget into taught masters programs in ID or PD.
Portfolio or no?
CAn one possibly do it at night ?
AND where is good , crap or the best?
comments please??

If you’re interested in collages, you have two distinct options.

One, if you can make the time commitment of at least two years, you can enroll in a Masters program in Mixed Media or something like that which will give you flexibility in your collage practice. You would most definitely need a portfolio in order to apply.

Two, if you’re unwilling or unable to make the time commitment, you can simply pursue scrapbooking in the evenings and in your spare time. The scrapbooking craze is sweeping the nation, and your interest in collage fits right in.

Good luck to you!