Design Chatroom ?

I was looking for a design chatroom to talk to other designers for fun and to discuss ideas,
I was looking for an IRC chatroom but any will do.
Also mainly focused on Industrial design.

Anybody know of a chatroom ?
If there isn’t one would anybody be interested if I created one ?

Thanks :smiley:

I’d like to see that. Does anyone use chatrooms anymore? I was big on IRC undernet during undergrad…'97-'02.

hahaha IRC. not many designers even use common protocols like AIM/MSN here at CMU. mostly the asians do, though. that’d be nice, though.

Whats CMU ?

Im not saying make a chatroom for professional serious people, just for people in university or others who have a bit of free time to chat and have fun with other designers.

Do you think the kind of people who visit this forum would be interested ?

I think the problem is getting everyone online. Especially on Core, we are so global. I might want to pop in at 1 or 2 GST, but people are just sitting down for dinner in CA and clubbing in London. I think you should set something up though and just advertise it here. It’s just a question of getting a critical mass.

Exactly what makes a forum so much better. Your conversations just take longer…

I don’t know of any …
Well if someone has the time to use this from time to time, probably would some time for a chat.
But probably all of them would not converge at the same time.
What sounds interesting is determine fixed hour/topic and meet to discuss. sounds more engaging

IRC is digital ADHD

keeping the topic on design will be like training cats for a marching band.

That’s not to say it won’t be fun and people here won’t learn a lot about each other either but just don’t plan to enforce or guide the topic. :slight_smile:

There wouldn’t be a “design chat only” rule, Just talk about design and if there is no design chat talk about other stuff !

As for people from all over the world, western USA and UK seem to meet up pretty well, I talk to a lot of Americans in the evening in UK on IRC, its about 4-5pm there I think.

Well there seem to be interest, I will set up a chatroom and then post a topic on it. Probably be ready by Monday :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback !

Cool, was this launched yet?