Design cater to little people or peple suffering of dwarfism

Hi you all !! I hope everyone is doing well… I am taking a class in human factor this semester and I was assigned to gather research on Little people. I have been luck to meet some wonderful people to share their experience with me. Now I need some inspiration !! please if you know of any websites or the work of a designer I should look into let me know! I wanna start sketching but I am little dry. Thanks for your help!

First of all, is “little people” offensive? Is it PC to use that term? What exactly are you looking for? You’re not really giving us much… tell us what you learned from talking to them, and let us know what you next steps are. You said you were assigned to gather research, but then you start talking about sketching? More information would help us help you. You need to give to get :smiley:.

I believe Little People is the correct term.

Caniche, welcome to the boards. Where are you going to school?

It would help to give more background and show us what you have so far. To get you have to give a bit more.

This might sound silly, but I would spend a weekend watching the show, “Little People, Big World” on TLC.
It’s actually one of my favorite shows and gives a lot of insight into the mind/world or little people in general.

Matt, the husband/father on the show even has his own business that designs special step stools, reaching devices, etc for hotels. The problem being that the majority of hotels don’t cater to little people. There’s a constant battle on the show to work around the fact that the world is literally built higher for them and it’s interesting to see how they adapt.

The family is also split in terms of little/normal people, which is super interesting because it shows how they interact and how they can be empathetic to both sides of the story.

Anyway, something to consider watching!