Design Careers... what is your end goal?

There is tons of discussions similar, but …

what are some of your goals as designers?

My end goal has always been-

Grand Emperor of the World

I’m right on schedule too. Sweet.

I’m still waiting for that one great idea that I come up with that will make me millions while I sleep.

I let you know when that happens!

professional shadetree/hammock tester

I want my name in history books - even hundreds of years from now.

I want to feel proud and without regret about how I chose to spend my life.


My goal is to never settle. Be endlessly changing and growing. I want to be a designer that people have heard of, someone people respect worldwide. I think I would also like to teach design, while continuing my personal design persuits. I want to be busy with design, but not overwhelmed with being busy.

Love the sarcasm here… we are definitly short on sarcasm as designers… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah- my goal… smell like kiss…

My own space shuttle;
~200 million in the bank;
A status as a near-deity for my godlike inventions that have so vastly changed the world.

A house on a mountaintop would be nice, too.

Seriously? I’d like to end up doing something new and revolutionary. Something more than making useless injection-molded objects for the rest of my days. Something like point #3 in the above list. And it wouldn’t hurt to be able to live comfortbalyat the same time.

True Love ™ would be nice too, but I’ll refrain from turning this into Myspace. :stuck_out_tongue: