Design Career Question

Hello, I am new to the boards, and I’m looking for some help/guiding to my career future. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, it can be moved/locked.

Well, I am a 15 year old student. I am very interested in becoming a footwear designer in the future. Specifically, a shoe designer for a big name company such as Nike and Jordan Brand. I am also interested in graphics/web design, and architecture. These 3 career paths all interest me.

My question is, what classes and preparation should I be doing right now to try to pursue a career like those? I am a naturally good drawer, I cannot draw people well, but I can draw/paint abstract art very well, same with animals. I am also a very good graphics/web designer, I am a freelance designer. Should I be taking classes in high school such as visual arts and stuff?

Also, what are the odds of me of having a career as a footwear designer, architect, or graphics designer? What are the average salaries of all 3 career jobs?

If anyone is interested, here are my online portfolios for my graphics design stuff.

Thank you for your help.

I would start by following the example of AK47Celtics. He’s your age, and he designs something, gets feedback, and does it again.

Doing, anything, will be far more valuable than taking a class.

well put.

yup, best advice is to draw, keep an eye out in the industry for trends, new innovation, brands, etc. go shopping for shoes and go back to the same shop looking for different things (ie. one time thinking about color, one time thinking about construction, one time thinking about logos, etc.). get any old shoes you can (friends, family) and chop them up with an exacto (be careful!) to see how they are made.

sketch, draw, and think!

you have a much earlier start in your interest than many pro footwear designers. use it. get as deep and broad as you can to fill your mind with anything and everything you can think of.


So just keep on sketching?

What about the materials for a shoe? How can I learn more about how the materials of a shoe works like air max nike and stuff like that?

Thanks for the help.

I’d also recommend going to goodwill or salvation army and buying a bunch of old shoes, all different kinds, and cutting them apart to see how they are made. Kind of like dissecting in bio class. If you browse through the footwear section, you will find lots of links to footwear information sites like:

Yes, keep sketching. Not only that, but post them up, get feedback, and work on integrating that feedback. You will learn a ton about footwear construction from the professional designers on here critiquing your work.

Keep your momentum up. You have a lot of years to go before you graduate from college, but your head start will give you a great jump if you keep pushing yourself.

Hey, thanks for the help yo. I heard alot about you, being a designer at JB and now at Converse. I even have a pair of the XXI PEs you designed. I’d to know what are the chances of becoming a designer at a place like JB, Nike, or Converse? I’ve always liked sneakers and I started collecting Air Jordans and LeBrons since last year, and from them on I’ve wanted to be a shoe designer. Thanks.

EDIT: I’m not particularly good at drawing shoes, should I start off with drawing a current shoe I have, or one that I made up myself?

Yo, wonder what shoes will be like when this kid comes into the market, new materials for certain but will styles shift back and forth?