design CAD to engineer

Hi all,
usually as designer, how finish is your cad when you hand it off to the engineer?
only surface or solid bodies? Do you need to add the draft angle or the engineer can adjust that even im giving IGS files?
or maybe other tips on how “finished” it should be before handing to engineer.

also how do you inform texture? do you model it on the cad or is there any other way? ( im talking about custom texture)
Thank you

Doesn’t really matter, ask the engineer how he want it. But its also good practice to give them everything and more, to be sure you work on the same item.

Surfaces and even solids can be corrupted and add/remove features which are essential for the design or function. Even if the parts are perfect they still can be interpreted wrong by a person, the human error. Pictures with explanation text with arrows pointing at design-features, main surfaces, extra support/primitive surfaces without radiuses, solids, physical items such as palettes of textures or colors etc are golden.

However the main outer surfaces should have draft angles because its almost impossible to add draft angles on a double curvature surface without ruin it.