Design buzzwords -- do they really work?

I’m curious what everyone thought of the Evo design article on “Design by Committee.”

To me it appears that Evo did a poor job of managing the design brief andmunicating with their clients.

I’m unimpressed by the apparent lack of design process. For example, the design director “wanted his products to be spicy.” Self-referential design? Seriously? What about the market? Later shements that “six weeks of extensive research” were spent exploring fabrics that fit their concept. What about the market? To make it worse, they later learn they shouldn’t have even done this work and they loose their shirts partly as a result. What about their customer? Did they really wait 6 weeks to talk to them?

I’m puzzled at why Evo is burning a bridge on this considering that the product is a runaway hit. Their inability to define why proves to me that they never tried to understand their customer or market.

This actually makes me mad because I think experiences like this are really bad for the profession, particularly at a point in time where design is truly at the crossroads.

Thoughts? Anyone from Evo or Graco care to shed some light on this?

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