Design breakdown of every Camaro generation

a bit of a long article, but great illustrations in this breakdown of every Camaro generation:

Yo: as a requirement for posting such pictures, of course you must say which is your favorite : )

'82 all the way, followed closely by '70.

I do really like the 82. I always assumed it was influenced by this little known Bertone Ramaro, but the years don’t make sense unless the Bertone is older that the public date.:

But my personal favorite would have to be Gen 1 of course. The 2010 looks a little unsubtle in comparison. I also have a bit of a soft spot for the 1970, but of course would rather have the Pontiac Firebird (smokey and the bandit).

That Bertone concept would have been amazing. Instead we were left with this…

That Bertone is awesome! The notes about the interior cabin are hilarious.

That poor toy though …

You gotta apreciate how car designers maintain cosmetic hints within their models throughout the years.
On the other hand, although the sliding door concept on the Bertone is cool, I have to admit, I would not consider the car attractive. But it still gets me thinking; would it have sold well?